We are so excited about the numbers of Afrikans who have indicated an interest in the 2018 Sankofa Journey. Here are some FAQ’s!


1. Are you still accepting Afrikans who would like to join?

Yes. SJ2018 will take place JULY 10 – 22, 2018. Please call Nana Efia Nsia Mawiya Kambon at 919.264.1151 and fill out the registration form. mawiyahkambon@gmail.com Monday-Thursday 10 AM – 7 PM, Friday 10 AM-5 PM Eastern Standard Time.


2. What happens if a reservation is paid for or a deposit is given but the traveler is not able to go?

If you cancel your reservation for any reason after March 15 there are no refunds. You can transfer with someone you know who wants to go provided airline tickets have not been issued to you.

If we do not get the anticipated number of sojourners, the Journey will be canceled and all monies will be refunded.


3A. When making a reservation, is the $750 deposit per room or per person?

Reservations are made per person so a deposit of $750.00 is required for each person traveling. When you call Nana Efia Nsia Mawiya Kambon, she will assist you in any additional questions regarding your costs.
Please call Nana Efia Nsia Mawiya Kambon at 919.264.1151 and fill out the registration form. mawiyahkambon@gmail.com Monday-Thursday 10 AM – 7 PM, Friday 10 AM-5 PM Eastern Standard Time.


3B. How does the payment plan work?
The cost per person is $ 3199 based on double occupancy.

If a couple adds a child to their room, the child’s fee would be discounted.

The child would have to share the couple’s room for the duration of the journey.

The payment is $750 down per person.

Payment schedule:

$750 deposit holds your spot – not refundable after 60 days.

October 1 – $500

December 1 – $500

February 1 – $500

April 15 – $500

Final payment of $449 due March 15.

Late payment add $200 until May 31. After June 1 payment will increase and seating will be based on availability.


Sankofa Journey will take place JULY 10 – 22, 2018

Total Just $ 3199

If registration occurs at a later date, payments would have to follow a modified schedule for the registrant to become up to date.

Payment and registration form along with a picture of each registrant should be sent to Sankofa, P.O. Box 46768, Raleigh, NC 27620. Payments can also be done online through our Payment page


4. What is the cost for children?

Children: (in room with two adults) 0 – 23 mos $900 – ($1600 if separate seat on bus)

Children: (in room with two adults) 24 mos – 47 mos. $1950

Children: (in room with two adults) 4 yrs – 12 yrs. $2250


5. Do I need shots or vaccinations?
For those who prefer not to have shots and vaccinations, we have provided a declaration of vaccination exemption here. The official line is that these things are necessary, however for those who choose naturopathic healing as opposed to allopathic medicine, a notarized declaration of vaccination exemption suffices for entrance to Ghana:


International Certificate of Vaccination for Yellow Fever is required upon arrival from ALL COUNTRIES if the traveler is more than 1 year of age.

Malaria exists throughout the year in all areas including urban areas. Resistance to Chloroquine is confirmed.

Cholera is reported in areas of the country

Further information regarding Yellow Fever Vaccination, may be obtained by calling 1-800-VACCINE or the U.S. Department of Health Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) International Traveler’s Hotline at (404) 332-4559 or the CDC Fax Information Service at (888) 232-3299. Information may also be obtained from travel medicine specialists and/or a local or state Department of Health clinic.

For all health requirements and recommendations travelers should check with a local Department of Health clinic or U.S Department of Health and Human Services Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Further information may be obtained from the CDC Web Site for this Region.

For those who would like a form for Vaccination Exemption, a sample form can be obtained here:



6. Do I need a visa?

Yes. Below are the requirements and process for a “Tourist Visa” in Ghana.

Submit your valid, signed U.S. Passport, must have at least 6 months remaining
From October 23, 2006 the Consulate of Ghana requires all applicants to complete the online visa application at http://www.ghanaembassy.org/ Once the visa application is completed and submitted online, you will be informed your application has been accepted. Please print that page and submit a photocopy to Travel Document Systems along with all other requirements below in order for us to take your documents to the consulate on your behalf. The online visa form must be completed and accepted before sending any documents to TDS.

Copy of visa application acceptance form received from New York Consulate.

4 Passport-type photographs required

Completed Cover Page and Credit Card Authorization forms (print from browser)
International Certificate of Vaccination for Yellow Fever
Copy of round trip airline tickets or itinerary, or letter of confirmation from travel agent

7. Do I need a passport?

US Homeland Security says you need a passport to travel to Ghana.

8. Where do we get passports?

Your city post office will be able to assist you. You will need two passport photos (can get at Walgreens or CVS, etc) and a birth certificate or state-issued ID. Children under the age of 18 must have both parents present at time of first application. To obtain passport information on-line go to: http://www.travel.state.gov/passport/passport_1738.html

9. What is our itinerary on the Sankofa Journey?

Click here for Itinerary (Subject to augmentation)

10. Please give Official Sankofa Journey 2018 Pricing

$ 3199

11. What does this Price include?

Airfare from Washington, DC
Half Board per Day (Breakfast and additional meal (either lunch or dinner))
Twi Language Instruction
Capoeira Combat Science Instruction

12. What will the organizers of the Sankofa Journey provide?

The organizers of the Sankofa Journey will provide expert language instruction in the Akan (Twi) language in context on the ground in Ghana. Additionally, we will take care of all transportation while with the group. We will arrange and pay for 1 meal per day for each participant. We will also arrange and pay for lodging throughout the Sankofa Journey. We will also provide a means for Afrikans to reconnect with Afrika in the most poignant and memorable ways. The Sankofa Journey is truly life-changing.

13. What is not included in this price?

This price does not include cost of gift items or other souvenirs, individual excursions apart from the group, extra meals, Hotel costs if you fly in before or stay after the group, Alcoholic Beverages. Ask if there is something specific you have a question about, especially if you think it may be outside the scope of the Sankofa Journey.

14. If I make a deposit and book under one price and later there is a sale, would I be able to get the discounted price? If so, what would I need to do to make that happen?

The standard cost of the Sankofa Journey is $ 3199, and this will not fluctuate. No one will get a better or worse price than you.

Please let us know what other questions you have!

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