26th Annual Sankofa Journey
Live The Experience in Ghana
Sep 6th - 14th, 2024
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Watch the 26th Annual Sankofa Journey Video

A cultural transformation experience Diasporans since 1998.
Not to be confused with imitation tourist and site-seeing groups.

We believe that discovering who we are as descendants of great Africans is what leads us to our purpose. Through our purpose we can change our collective destiny for the better. The Sankofa Journey is beyond a vacation package, it’s the BlackNificent tour to Ghana experience you’ve been waiting for.


The Sankofa Journey is a Black travel experience to help you discover yourself, your purpose, and change our world.

Through an intercontinental concerted effort the Kambons coordinate with traditional leaders, community activists, special advocates , local citizens, vendors, business people, local restaurant owners and off-the-beaten-path locale operators to bring you the Sankofa Journey.

Deadline to Join the 26th Annual Sankofa Journey

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Event: September 6th, 2024
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About Sankofa Journey

Interacting with the people of Ghana. Be prepared for a multitude of BlackNificent experiences as you come to interact and know your family on the other side of the waters as well as your facilitators. Nana Efia Nsia Asantewaa (Mawiyah Kambon) has been back and forth to Ghana since 1972.

Nana Kwame (Obadele Kambon) moved to Ghana in 2008 and is now a citizen. Thus we will introduce you to our friends and family here in Ghana who will assist in making your Sankɔfa Journey MOST BlackTastic! No one can or will give it to you straight like Afrikans who have repatriated and now permanently live in Ghana. We invite such Afrikans to talk to Sankɔfa Sojourners about the realities of repatriation, investment, day-to-day life and more.