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Sankɔfa, the Powerful Journey

We invite the past and new participants to (re-)join us for the Sankofa Journey 2017. 

This Journey will prove to be life changing. Many changes are occuring in the Universe. 

This journey will prove to surround you as the Universe prepares to return to Ma'at.

Sankɔfa Journey 2017 to Ghana, West Afrika

June 30th - July 10th

Just $2750

led by

Ɔkɔmfoɔ Nana Efia Nsia (Mawiya Kambon, PhD)

Ɔsɔfoɔ Ɔkyeame Kwame (Obadele Kwame Kambon, PhD)

Sankɔfa Abusua

Abosom ne Mmoatia Fie

The 2017 Sankɔfa Journey is always Exclusively and Unapologetically for Afrikan (Black) People Only.

Nana Efia's first return back to Afrika was in 1972 as part of a group led by the late Nana Dinizulu.

Since that time, Nana Efia has led groups of Afrikans back to Afrika ranging in number from 15 to 500, including one of the largest single returns of Afrikan people back to Afrika in recent history as the President of the Association of Black Psychologists for their 2000 International Convention in Ghana.

In 1998, Nana Efia took her son, Obadele Kwame, to Ghana, West Afrika to experience the Sankɔfa Journey. As a result of that experience, since that time, he has gone on to study Twi and other Afrikan languages, earning degrees in Afrikan Languages and Literature and Linguistics.

He now functions as an Ɔkyeame (Interpreter/Spokesperson) for his mother in addition to teaching Twi at the University of Ghana and other Afrikan Languages professionally through Abibitumi Kasa.

The Sankɔfa Journey is a very special journey encompassing committed and intelligent people from various places and various walks of life converging in Afrika to experience Sankɔfa!

Every year a very special group of Afrikans experience a journey that they will never forget.

A journey back to Afrika. A journey within. Experiencing The Sankɔfa Healing Journey...

Becoming Empowered by the Experience of Sankɔfa

And much more….

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